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2013.06.17 Mon

A book dedicated to thinking about the future of food.

My family ran their business (a restaurant) out of their home, so I took for granted that every day, like clockwork, I would have a home-cooked meal made by my mother and grandmother.
Perhaps that’s why I can clearly remember involuntarily spitting out the canned black tea I bought out of the vending machines when I was in middle school, or being shocked the first time I ate a sweet roll in high school.

The tastes were like none that had existed in my world.

Unfortunately, I grew accustomed to artificial flavors when I became an adult, but I’ve tried never to forget the memories of how unnatural those tastes seemed to me then.
Perhaps that’s why I’ve taken an interest in food.
Looking over the books of Naomi Takayama and Midori Takahashi is a favorite pastime of mine on my days off.

In Fukuoka,
the food book PARMANENT, from art directors of design company this design Shinji and Chika Sadamatsu and photographer Yoshikazu Shiraki , has made a particular impression on me.

Beginning with scenes of many different people’s dining tables,
it continues to respectful interviews of food producers on where, how, and what emotions are created by the food that we put inside ourselves.
The photographs are particularly spectacular.
The producers’ voices and the feel of the earth really comes across.
It’s only natural,
but I make an effort to say “itadakimasu” and “gochisousama”
every time I eat.
「PARMANENT」 originates from Fukuoka, but it’s on sale all over Japan.
In Fukuoka, it can be found not only at VIOROB1F’s Bibliotheque Fukuoka and Kubrick bookstores but also shops like PATINA and organ.
You have to check it out! ☆