Curator's BLOG

2013.07.16 Tue

Writers succeeding in Fukuoka

I often meet writers who create their own works and sell them, when I am taking snapshots on the street or doing interviews for informational magazines.

They sell their works on their own websites, at exhibitions that they hold, and at select shops. 

Most authors are not very good at sales and marketing.
Therefore, they ploddingly continue to create things that they think are nice, and acquiring the skill to make these works connects them to people who are fond of their works. This is how these writers expand their social circle.

One such writer is a designer named yum who creates accessories.

She is a bright and charming woman who will completely change your image that writers are awkward conversationalists.
Her brand started up in 2006, and for seven years she has been holding exhibitions in Fukuoka and selling her works at shops in Fukuoka such as Iwataya.

Just the other day she borrowed the gallery of konya2023 in Daimyo and held an exhibition there.

The accessories she creates are all delicate and elegant.
Another characteristic of her works is that many of them are made by lace and are harmless to the skin of people who have metallic allergies.

We asked YUM about her goals from now on.
“I want to continue careful work so that I can create works that make people happy. Of course, I want to grasp many opportunities for people to get to know me, and there are many things that I want to try, but these are all a way to make people happy by my creations.
Throughout my life, I wish to continue to make suggestions about about works that make people happy, and that people can enjoy.”

There are many authors other than YUM who create works with such a straightforward feeling.
I always think that there should be a lot more places in these writers’ hometown of Fukuoka where they can work actively.

There are many designers who move from the countryside to Tokyo to work. However, there should be a secure place in the countryside where they can create and send out their work ,and from Fukuoka it should spread out to the world.

There also should be a website where writers can communicate with many people, and in addition they should connect on SNS sites such as Facebook.
I believe that Fukuoka will become a more interesting place the sooner this happens.