2020.02.19 Wed

【Notice of Event Cancellation】Information regarding the e-sports x community meetup

The e-sportsx community meetup event which had been announced as below and scheduled for February 22nd has been canceled out of health concerns for participants and staff amid heightened outbreak risks of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) in Japan.

Please see the URL below for details.

The following is a primer on the ‘e-sports x community’ meetup hosted by the Fukuoka e-sports Association (FeA).

The FeA hosts meetup events 4 times a year in order to develop and promote the e-sports scene. The information detailed below is an overview of the first meetup of 2020.
The theme for this meetup is ‘community’.
Among the guests invited to the event are Hiromichi Takeda, the driving force behind Yokohama Marinos’ e-sports business; and Hidetaka Nakajima, representing Sengoku Gaming, who made headlines recently after it was announced that they were to become a subsidiary of QTnet.
Please read below for more details and information on how to apply.

【Application for participation (Advance booking)】

1.Date: Sat 22nd February 2020 (Doors & reception open at 13:30)
2.Venue: Imuzu Hall (Imuzu 9F, 1 Chome-7-11, Tenjin, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka)
3.Participation fee: Corporate/Individual members [Free]
  Non-members [1,000 yen]
  ※Members can receive free entry for up to 2 accompanying non-member guests
4. Speakers:
  Yokohama Marinos Hiromichi Takeda
  Managing Director at Sengoku (Sengoku Gaming) Hidetaka Nakajima
  NTT West Japan & President of the FeA Kenichi Nakajima
  CEO of LinkedBrain & Director at the FeA Koichi Shimizu
5. Timetable:
  13:30 Doors open
  14:00 First session begins (Speeches from guests, etc.)
  15:00 Panel discussion
  16:00 First session ends
  16:30 Second session begins (A reception with a game tournament is planned)
  18:30 Second session ends

6. Guest introductions:
Guest 1
Yokohama Marinos Corporate Planning Department
Hiromichi Takeda

Joined Recruit (now known as Recruit Career) in 2008 after graduating from university. In 2017 he made the switch to Yokohama Marinos. He worked in sales and then marketing before arriving at his current post. Feeling that he had a connection to e-sports due to a middle school classmate of his becoming a famous pro gamer, he got involved in the scene following the formation of F. Marinos e-sports in 2018. He is currently in charge of all the company’s e-sports affairs, including team management, and he is working on exploring new avenues in the industry with things like hosting public screenings for the RAGE Shadowverse Pro League and cooperating with sponsors to create new products aimed at the e-sports scene. As for his private endeavours, he’s qualified as both a careers consultant and a sports mental coach, and is passionate about supporting both the competitive and personal lives of his players.

Guest 2
Sengoku Managing Director
Hidetaka Nakajima

Joined Qtnet as a national telecommunications network engineer in 2008 after graduating from university. His posts have included working in network engineering, general affairs, business planning, and project managing for ICT projects for local administrations. In 2018 he began been working on the planning & development of new businesses, during which time he oversaw the acquisition of Sengoku as a subsidiary of QTnet. He arrived at his current post in January of 2020. He is currently hard at work on the management of Fukuoka-based e-sports team Sengoku Gaming, where he came up with the slogan “Turning Kyushu’s passion into the world’s passion”.

7. Inquiries:
  Please direct inquiries to Nishida at the FeA Office