2020.11.19 Thu

Fukuoka Art Museum’s first fashion show “FUKUOKA ASIA DESIGNERS SHOW (FADS) 2020” will be held

Friday, November 20th, 2020 at Fukuoka Art Museum

〇Talk Show by Shiro Araki
3:30 – 5 PM Venue: Museum Hall
〇Fashion Show
7 – 7:30 PM Venue: Front Stairs Inside the Museum
〇Design Contest Award Ceremony
8 – 8:30 PM Venue: Museum Hall

We will hold a talk show and fashion show by Shiro Araki, who is a world-renowned costume designer who has worked on outfits for Lady Gaga and Misia.
Using the stairs inside the Fukuoka Art Museum, which reopened after a renovation in March 2019, lighting and acoustics will be utilized effectively to create an atmosphere. You will be able to enjoy the museum in a state that is different from usual!
Tickets are sold out, but footage from the fashion show on the day of the event will be broadcast live on FADS’ official Instagram account.
Also, a video filmed using a 360 degree camera will be transmitted for free after the show (planned for late December). If you wear VR goggles while you watch it, you can enjoy the experience as if you are actually attending the fashion show!
Furthermore, Shiro Araki’s outfits from the fashion show will be exhibited at the Fukuoka Art Museum gallery from Tuesday, December 1st through Sunday, December 6th. Please come visit by all means! 

▽FADS Official Instagram:


Worked on outfits for Lady Gaga, Misia, and numerous other artists in Japan and the rest of the world.
Moved his base for activities to the City of Fukuoka in 2017. Plans to reveal several new pieces during this fashion show.

★Shiro Araki’s Profile
Graduated from the Master’s Program at the Graduate School at Arts University Bournemouth in the United Kingdom at the top of his class in 2011. Works based on the concept of the creation of extraordinary spaces. Characteristic for creating organic forms by mixing artificial and natural materials. Artists he has worked with include Lady Gaga, Misia, Ko Shibasaki, Yuri Ebihara, Yuzu, Yuki Koyanagi, Masatoshi Nagase, Nogizaka 46, Keyakizaka 46, Flower, and Aimer.
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Here are the highlights of the fashion show!

The theme for Shiro Araki’s fashion show is “New Life Forms.” Multiple new works will also be revealed!

Featured outfits will each have a different approach, such as shaped outfits inspired by structural architecture and cultivated outfits that utilize the habits of silkworms.

In cooperation with Kyushu University. A sustainable fashion show using natural materials!

Through a joint project with the Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Art Engineering SDG Design Unit at Kyushu University, a portion of the outfits will use floss silk from silkworms as their materials. A portion of the materials were created by citizens of Fukuoka at the “Creating Floss Silk from Silkworm Cocoons” workshop held at the Fukuoka City Science Museum.

A contest for young designers. Works by finalists will be featured in the show!

Out of a total of 40 applicants, 3 vocational school students from the city were selected as finalists following careful consideration by Shiro Araki and the judges. The outfits by the finalists will be featured in the fashion show on the day of the event.
In addition, the Grand Prize winner will be announced during the Design Contest Award Ceremony.