2019.11.18 Mon

Regarding the recruitment of exhibitors for strategic overseas business

This is a notice from the Creative Fukuoka Promotion Council.
The Creative Fukuoka Promotion Council (“Council”) will participate in the following exhibition to support the overseas expansion of creative companies in Fukuoka and would like to recruit companies to participate.

1. Business Purpose
We will comprehensively promote Fukuoka’s strengths at international exhibitions that attract the attention of the world’s top creators to create and expand new businesses for local creative companies and to create a city brand called “Fukuoka = an advanced city where creative industry clusters” and aim to become a city where top creators from within and without Japan gather.

2. Exhibition Participation
(1) ASIA TV FORUM & MARKET(Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 2019.12.4 – 6)
(2) KIDSCREEN SUMMIT(InterContinental Miami,USA 2020.2.10 – 13)

3. Exhibit Format
Either (1) or (2) below are the exhibit formats that are possible.
Also, if a company participates in a format other than (1) or (2), it will not be possible to be a participating company in this initiative.

(1) The Council will entrust a contracted company to run this business (“contractor”) and the participating company will entrust the company’s contents to the contractor who will conduct business matching.
(2) Participate along with the contractor in the exhibition and work together for business matching.

4. Requirements for participating businesses
In order to be an exhibitor, a company must fulfill all of the requirements below. Also, in the case that the Council determines that the exhibited contents are not appropriate for the exhibition, it is possible that participation may be refused. In the case that a company does not meet a requirement after being selected as a participant, it is possible that the participation may be cancelled midway.
(1) The address of the main branch or subsidiary branch is located within Fukuoka City and the company has a desire for overseas expansion.
(2) The company is able to conduct smooth communication with the Contractor prior to the exhibition and is willing to cooperate with other exhibitors during the exhibit.
(3) The company does have any criminal organization members or intimate connections with criminal organizations or members of criminal organizations (including cases that the company itself has criminal organization members as executives).

5. Fees
Participating companies or individuals will be responsible for all expenses related to participation in the exhibition, such as travel expenses when participating companies participate in the exhibition together with the Contractor and exhibition ticket costs.

6. Other
In the case that participating companies entrust their company’s contents to the contractor, please hold individual discussions with the Contractor directly regarding the content and scope of the rights. Also, in the case of disagreements arising during discussions, please refer to the Council for a decision.

7. How to apply
Download the “Exhibition Application” from the website below and submit it to by email after filling it out.

The exhibition application is available here

8. Application Deadline
The application must arrive by November 22, 2019 (Fri) 18:00

9. About the Creative Fukuoka Promotion Council
“The Creative Fukuoka Promotion Council” (Commonly Called: Creative Lab Fukuoka) aims to drive creative industries and develop the regional economy, by generating new business beyond the boundaries of industries and promoting the entry of both domestic and overseas corporations through cross-sectional interaction and collaboration across creative industries such as the fields of gaming, animation, film, music, fashion and design.
In addition to promoting industry, we will promote the creation of a city where young creators can play an active role in information dissemination from Fukuoka with events at the core.
It is a private organization founded in January 2013 in coordination with the industry/academia/government corporations to realize “Creative Entertainment City Fukuoka”.

10. Contact
Creative Fukuoka Promotion Council (Within the Fukuoka City Economy, Tourism, & Culture Bureau Content Industry Promotion Section)
In Charge:Norimatsu, Higashijima