2015.01.15 Thu

Service and Restaurant Industries Startup Seminar and Tour


As globalization of the economy continues, foreign expansion in the service and restaurant industries is increasing in addition to the traditional expansion in the manufacturing industry. In particular, the two ASEAN countries of Vietnam and Cambodia are expected to be extremely promising consumer markets in the future.

The Fukuoka Asia Business Support Committee is planning a tour to shine the spotlight on these two regions and observe and interact with service and restaurant businesses there, and it is inviting residents to participate.

Because this event has not been widely publicized, leading up to the tour, on 1/26 (Mon.) there will be an informational seminar in Fukuoka City regarding the tour.

See here for details.

★Tour Highlights
“Local Conditions That Aren’t Reported in the News”
By directly observing and experiencing the economic conditions and lifestyles in these places, it is possible to understand the local conditions in a way that would not be possible relying only on domestic news and economic statistics.

“Networking with Japanese Businesses on the Ground”
There will be opportunities for discussion and networking with people in charge of restaurant and service industry businesses that have already expanded into these places. It is also a great opportunity to see the action in person and hear the real voices of the people working in these places.