2013.06.17 Mon

zine・ Little Press Event 『10zine vol.3』

I’ve come back from 10zine vol.3, an zine/small press event that first started off in July 2011.


10zine (pronounced tenjin) itself is a Fukuoka-based zine/small press event and imprint.
10zine attracts people from all sorts of professions, who use the freely available, open-to-anyone medium of zines to publicize their own work by way of publishing website addresses or details of regularly held events.
Under the banner of (Do It Now=DIN), they exhibit zine collected not just from 10zine members but various areas across the country, and aside from their main events they also organize collaborations and talk shows among other programs.
Finally, they have also managed to pull off an event in Taiwan in July 2012.


Though it has only been two years since they began, they have enjoyed a steady increase in members, and expanded their venues beyond Fukuoka to include Saga.
This time, in response to comments that two days was simply too short, this time the event is being held for a week at both the Fukuoka and Saga venues.
Scores of beautifully designed [[[zine]]]s were displayed at the exhibition space, which was carefully and tastefully presented, showing the organizers’ emotional investment into the event.


The venue featured a workshop booth called “Kyakuzine” (Guestzine), with booklets prepared for visitors to write their comments in. These would be compiled after the end of the exhibition into a truly one-of-a-kind zine.


This time there was also a booth for NEVER MIND THE BOOKS, a zine event held in Sapporo, which displayed and sold zines and other works created Sapporo authors.
With the addition of a traveling exhibition of 10zine archives, it was a fully satisfying event where one could never have enough time to look at everything.
Looking at the numerous publications all displayed side-by-side really drove home the huge importance of covers in determining whether people read something or don’t.
It was an opportunity to physically experience each authors’ vision of originality, and a fantastic event.