2015.11.17 Tue

Fukuoka Asian Party Event Report

7 booths with the theme of Asian cuisine.
In addition to their usual menus, they also sold original collaborative dishes between different countries!

For example…
[Thailand x Japan]
Hide-chan’s “Tom Yum Goong Ramen”
A special ramen made by a famous Fukuoka ramen shop with a tom yum goong base that you normally wouldn’t find in these dishes!
With its spicy, sour, and yet still very “tom yum goong” flavor, this dish was gorgeously topped off with a large shrimp.

[France x India]
French restaurant Goh’s “Crab Curry”
This is a collaborative dish between the French restaurant “Goh” from Fukuoka and a famous Indian restaurant from Bangkok, which has been ranked number one in the world for Indian cuisine. They made a special crab curry for visitors!
Containing spicy roux packed with crab and topped off with fluffy scrambled egg, this dish was very delicious!

[Italy x South Korea]
Italian restaurant DOMUS’ “Bibimbap-flavor Italian Rice Croquettes”
Having just looked back on this year’s Fukuoka Asian Party, how did you find it?
Next year they’re going to work hard to promote “Fukuoka creatives” even more than this year, so we’re looking forward to your efforts in the future Creative Lab Fukuoka!!

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